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I became a member of the Episcopal Church in May 2015 at another parish; however, I still could not alleviate the hurt that existed from the Roman Catholic Church. Upon moving to Boynton Beach I found St. Joseph’s Unplugged Mass; the love and caring that I receive on a weekly basis has once again made me feel like a true Christian. The weekly services are full of warmth and sincere caring; the sermons and music played are truly special and have enhanced my closeness to God. I never lost my belief in my God, but the special people that attend this parish have restored my faith in my fellow Christians.

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my life I don't know where I would be without the guidance acceptance and love I've received. I went from a scared single mother that could barely survive to a strong woman who now works for 2 non profits helping others and I know who I am again. Life isn't easy we all have a story but it's the amazing people I've met along the way the gave me strength and courage to live again. I hope many others are able to be touched by St. Joseph's Unplugged and the beautiful amazing Wendy Tobias.

Pat Merola:

I left the Roman Catholic Church in May of 2014 since I felt disconnected and a hurt existed in me based on certain incidents I experienced, I no longer felt the love and caring that fellow Christians should share with one another.

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As I am thinking about what the Unplugged service at St Joe’s means to me a couple things come to mind.  It’s peaceful and refreshing at the same time. Then how can that be so opposite from each other?
From the beginning of each service when Rev Wendy welcomes everyone, to when the band comes to take his or her places its clear that this is a very different church service.  
The feeling is very much a product of the combination; the sermon is something that you can relate to.  It’s given as a real world message to whatever the topic, it makes you think.   Then you add to that upbeat contemporary music, it’s a combination that is peaceful and refreshing.
I came to know of the service from a tragedy but; it has truly been a blessing in my life.

I came to Delray Beach 3 years ago. I had just become a Domestic abuse survivor after 13 year of abuse and unfortunately I had to go get help for the drinking I had picked up along the way to escape the pain. I had no idea how amazing my journey would be. I grew up in a non religious family but always wondered what It was all about. I was asked by a youth group counselor if I wanted to go to church on Sunday's and that's when I received the biggest gift I can ever remember. I met Wendy Tobias and I realized that Jesus is amazing. I can't put in words how much Wendy and Unplugged has changed 

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Martha Karipin:

God works in the most creative and unimaginable ways. I met Charles Milling at a retreat in North Carolina where he was part of the wonderful music ministry. We discovered that we had practically become neighbors after I bought a seasonal home in Ocean Ridge and that Wendy Tobias actually was my neighbor. They both invited me to Unplugged and the rest is history! That's how I came to St. Joseph's. I continue to come because the atmosphere is loving, the sermons are so meaningful, and the music fills me with joy! So......Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Ocean Ridge, Charles, Wendy, St. Joe's Unplugged. Thank you God!