Unplug and Tune In!

20s/30s Bible Study...

​Come explore your faith with others in a similar stage of life! We meet in Wendy's office for 6-8 week sessions, typically on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8pm.  If you are curious about our beliefs and/or the Bible or want to dive deeper into your own faith and relationship with Christ, please consider joining us.  Email Rev. Wendy for current session information!

Brian McLaren joined our Bible Study party May 31st, 2016!

Need something more?...

From random moments of clarity to unexpected curve balls, life can certainly keep us guessing, and sometimes we need a helping hand to work through it.
We each carry our own light.  At St. Joe's, we believe in helping each other shine through prayer and togetherness.

Coffee or Tea...

​Need someone to talk to? Have questions or concerns? Trying to figure out how to live and be a church outside the church walls?  Email Rev. Wendy to schedule a one-on-one conversation.

20s/30s "Tune-In" Meetups...

About once a month, our 20s/30s group gets together for a fun meet-up!  We love taking advantage of St. Joseph's amazing campus with some kickball or soccer on our field, volleyball on our sand pitch, or a night of games and billiards in our Youth House.  Or, sometimes we take our fun onto the town with bowling, trips to a local hot spot, or whatever!  Our bonding time is always evolving.  What would YOU like to do?  Keep up with the schedule or suggest a fun activity yourself by contacting Jen Gomez at 561-577-6136 or via email!

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​​​​Prayer requests...

Prayer begins by talking to God and it ends by listening to God. We pray our hearts' desires in adoration, gratitude, confession of how we turned away from God, praying for others, and praying for ourselves. We then are to take the time in silence, deep silence, to consent to the presence and activity of God within us always beckoning us toward love and peace... and to realize our highest good. When we pray as a community, we empower one another and open a way for the Holy Spirit to be realized in a profound way.

Please email your prayer request to Rev. Wendy.