Here are some common questions...
Hey there!  You may have a TON of questions.  So, we hope these are at least a good jumping off point for you.  If you see we’ve missed anything, please feel free to contact us.  Or, just pop on over on any Sunday at 11:45am!

What is your basic service info?

Sundays at 11:45am
St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:
3300a S Seacrest Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

What's your basic contact info?

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:
3300a S Seacrest Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Where can I find you on social media?

Find all our social media here and here:

When you say, “we welcome everyone,” what do you really mean by “everyone”?

Everyone.  Plain and simple.  Everyone is welcome at St. Joseph's, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, questions, differences of opinion, etc…  We welcome people fighting addictions, previously incarcerated, or facing any other discriminating situation.  Plain and simple: everyone. We welcome everyone.

What does "Unplug and Tune In" mean?

Unplug from stiff traditions, stale music, churches who don’t welcome a questioning mind, and from all the “noise” of life into order to better “tune in” to who and what you really are: loved, encouraged, and accepted by God.

What do you mean by "Come as you are?"

We are a very casual atmosphere, and we want you to feel free to be casual, too. People should wear whatever makes them comfortable—everything from flip flops to "Sunday's best"!

What do I wear?

See the last question. :-)

What does it mean to be Episcopalian?

The best way to explain it is to read our Baptismal Covenant!

What/when is Episcopal 101?

Episcopal 101 is a 6-8 week class that meets once per week.  People take it as an introduction to the Episcopal faith, preceding a Baptism or other milestone, to refresh their faith, or just for curiosity.  Contact Wendy for details on the next class!

What is the process of communion?

On your pew's turn, walk toward the center aisle.  Approach the bread (usually given by the priest) and either open your mouth or hold out your hands, palm-over-palm, to receive it.   The person giving the bread will likely say a blessing.  Then, proceed off to the side toward the person holding the wine.  (Grape juice will be served off to the far right side of the church when facing the alter; but, the process is the same.) If you want to receive wine and have taken the bread by mouth, you can take a sip directly from the chalice.  If you want to receive wine and have taken the bread by hand, offer the bread to the person serving the wine.  He or she will take it, dip it into the wine, and place it in your mouth.  The person giving the wine will likely say a blessing here, as well. If you do not want to receive wine, but would still like to receive a blessing, simply approach with your hands crossed across your chest.  But, this is completely up to your comfort level.  If you prefer to pass by and head back to your seat, you are welcome to do so.

What do I do if I don't want to take communion?

You don’t have to.  There's no rule saying you do.  Feel free to stay seated and commune with God in your own way.

What do I do if I don't want to or cannot consume wine?

Grape juice will be served off to the far right side of the church when facing the alter; but, the process is the same as above.

What do I do if I'm ok with taking the bread, but I’m not comfortable drinking either the wine or the grape juice?

If you have received bread, but do not want to receive wine or grape juice, that is perfectly fine.  Please feel free to pass by and head back to your seat; you are welcome to do so.

I feel awkward about the offering.  What do I do?

If this will be your first time at St. Joseph’s, you will be our guest.  If you feel comfortable doing so, please fill out the information slip in the front of the bulletin, so we may continue to be purposeful with our outreach; but, that is all we ask of you.
For those who may be regulars, we understand that there are often questions surrounding the use of the money from the collection plates.  We strive to bring you a spiritual home every week that can provide a centering place and community for our congregation.  That work happens daily, and our home requires electric bills, internet, staff payroll, and so much more.  Additionally, St. Joseph’s is constantly conducting outreach into our communities.  All of this requires funding, which comes almost entirely from our congregation's donations.  We quite simply cannot survive without you.
And, there are many different ways to contribute.  The collection plate is just one of them.  If you prefer to contribute to our church and causes online, please feel free to do so.  Our first choice is for people to set up regular donations, which can be scheduled online.

How do I get involved with the 20s/30s group?

Follow our social media to keep up-to-date on their events and bible studies!  Or, feel free to contact Jen Gomez at 561-577-6136 or via email with questions.

How do I get involved with charities?

There are quite a few ways to get involved.  Check out what we do Outside the Walls, and find the contact info associated with your interest!

Did we miss anything?  Please feel free to contact us!

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St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:

3300a S Seacrest Blvd

Boynton Beach, FL 33435


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