​​​​The Episcopal Church

We are part of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church and also part of this really amazing worldwide church we call the Anglican Communion that is in countries all over the world. Click here and see for yourself. There's amazing stuff going on and, yes, even in this mainstream church.


We break bread together in Holy Communion each week. It's the family meal. The night before Jesus died he gathered with his closest friends and said to do exactly this: Take, eat. Drink this all of you. Do this in remembrance of me. And so we do. It is the outward symbol of the inner connection that is happening. It’s our saying yes to God’s work in our lives to transform us and help us then be the change we wish to see in this world. And, yes, everyone is welcome at communion. It is God's table, not ours.
(Note: should you prefer grape juice instead of wine, it is offered as well.)

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St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:

3300a S Seacrest Blvd

Boynton Beach, FL 33435


The "where" and "when"...

Service info...

Sundays at 11:45am

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:
3300a S Seacrest Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

What we believe...

​Not all Christians believe the same thing. At St. Joes Unplugged, we are followers of Jesus Christ, and we honor all religions and faiths and those who are unsure of their faith. In Jesus Christ we find that the nature of God is love and compassion. To be Christ-ian doesn't mean we have a certain set of correct beliefs or a certain political persuasion. We strive to mirror love and compassion. Plain and simple. As part of the Episcopal Church, we truly do welcome all. No exceptions. This is God's church – not ours. For more details on what we believe, refer to The Catechism (a.k.a., Outline of Faith).

Unplug and Tune In!

Spiritual & Re-lig-ion

Re--lig--io. To re-ligament to our roots. Who are you in your truest, most rooted, God-filled self? How are you made in God's image? What does your life look like when you are plugged in to your true God-self and true path? We believe in fostering this reconnection and not imposing our beliefs on anyone, going to war over these beliefs, or claiming our beliefs can beat your beliefs up after school behind the gym. This is about you reconnecting with your root, which we believe is inherently connected to God. But that alone is never enough. We're a church because we believe in doing this in community with others who are working towards the same end. Doing this together is exponentially more powerful.
Who is your support structure? Where is your grounded, rooted community that supports you in being the most rooted person you can be? Come religio with us, and help us to do the same.

Meet Charles Milling of Live Hymnal!

​​Who we are...

St. Joe’s Unplugged is part of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Our weekly Unplugged service has been around since the fall of 2005 as an ever-growing joyful and soulful Sunday respite for humans being.  We strive to be a haven for those looking to Unplug from stiff traditions, stale music, or churches who don’t welcome a questioning mind.  Many come who are not “church” people at all.  Others come to Unplug from all the “noise” of life, so they can better “tune in” to who and what they really are – loved, encouraged, and accepted by God. We know we’re seriously cooking if the people who gather get that they don’t have to put on their “church face” or feel bad about being human. People tell us they leave here feeling refreshed and more plugged in to their own unique spiritual path.  We welcome people from all walks of life looking for a spiritual home of compassion and inspiration.

Come as you are. Really.

Live Hymnal...

Live Hymnal is a community of musicians and singers from south Florida, led by Charles Milling. They come together for us on Sundays to breathe new life into beautiful, poetic hymns and sacred songs. Their music aims to cross many divides: to be a unifier of cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds, and demographics. Leading a congregation in singing spiritual music is their greatest privilege. Telling stories and bad jokes is their greatest pastime. If one word could describe what they are about, it would be “joy”.

Check them out!