St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:

3300 S Seacrest Blvd

Boynton Beach, FL 33435


What to expect...

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

the people...

We welcome people from all walks of life looking for a spiritual home of compassion and inspiration. Come as you are. Really.

the place...

St. Joe’s Unplugged is part of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our weekly Unplugged service has been around since the fall of 2005.

the music...

Live Hymnal, a community of musicians from South Florida led by Charles Milling, breathes new life into beautiful, poetic hymns and sacred songs.




We strive to be a haven for those looking to Unplug from stiff traditions, stale music or from churches who don’t welcome a questioning mind.  Many come who are not “church” people at all.  Others come to Unplug from all the ‘noise’ of life so they can better tune in to who and what they really are - loved, encouraged, and accepted by God. We know we’re seriously cooking if the people who gather get that they don’t have to put on their “church face” or feel bad about being human. People tell us they leave here feeling refreshed and more plugged in to their own unique spiritual path.  We welcome people from all walks of life looking for a spiritual home of compassion and inspiration.  Come as you are. Really.

What to Wear: We are a very casual atmosphere, and we want you to feel free to be casual, too. Everything from flip flops to Sunday's "best"!

The Offering: If you are at St. Joe's Unplugged for the first time, you are considered our guest. All we ask of you, if  you feel comfortable, is to fill out the information slip in the back of the bulletin to place in the offering plates.

Communion: All are welcome to share in communion, and for those who prefer, we also serve grape juice.

Come as You Are!

Unplug and Tune In!

Some current offerings...


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Join us for a


Live Hymnal



January 17th,


We are currently collecting testimonials for our website!  Please tell us what St. Joe's means to you in about 5 sentences. (I know that will be so hard!)  You can share how you found us, where your journey has been, why you come, etc...  And, you can submit your testimonial anonymously, or instead with your name and/or photo.  Submit yours today!

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